this was a story from a darkest times
the soul is sell for a handful gold
must to be in the story a nice finale
but dream is never sold... sold!

she never married, but never mind
she was a pretty nice, as they say
but here was very a darkest times
so, she is a whore today

poor little girl, mary j kelly
give me a minute and i will satisfy
for all your neighbors, mary j kelly
you need a cry cry cry

In places called Whitechapel
Tonight do not attend East End
Stay home and hide better
Nobody knows when it's your end

dusk... dusk is fell and daylight faded
in the slums where fear and pain
in the darkest streets of damned
here and now a blood must drain

poor little girl mary j kelly
you are so trustful to a strange man
you are ready mary j kelly
let them to lying in your bed

and at dawn on you sweet asleep
seeing dreams about a death
your life is so short a now when
deal is done here no a breathe

sun kissed your lips is in your place
and now forever there you lie it seems
where time stands yesterday a still
when your heart has stopped for a dreams

и да, здесь уйма грамматических ошибок)